Be Bright Pink - Bright Pink is a national non-profit organization that provides education and support to young women who are at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer. We arm young women with knowledge, options and a great attitude, and offer companionship and empathy during their journey. We empower them to take control of their breast and ovarian health and in turn, grant them the freedom and peace of mind to live a beautiful and fulfilling life.

Emergingmed - Emergingmed Clinical Trial Navigators provide concierge support to patients searching for clinical trial opportunities that match a patients specific diagnosis, symptoms or state, and treatment history. With permission, navigaotors will also provide updates when new clinical trials or new therapies in development emerge that match the patients clinical or genomic profile. There are more than 250 types of cancer. Every cancer treatment has been vetted throught clinical trials. Cancer clinical trials are research studies that test how well new medical approaches work in people with newly diagnosed cancer, recurrences, and advanced cancers. Each study is designed to answer a specific scientific or clinical questions in a group of patients with the same cancer type, stage and treatment histroy. Each study tries to find a better way to prevent, detecxt, diagnose, or treat a disease.  

Foundation for Women’s Cancer - The Foundation for Women's Cancer, formerly the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation, was founded by the Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO) in 1991. The Foundation's mission, in concert with SGO is to increase awareness and education, support expanded research and training, and provide knowledge and hope for women diagnosed with cancers specific to them.

FORCE Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered - FORCE was founded on the principle that no one should have to face hereditary breast and ovarian cancer alone. They are the only national non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and families affected by hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Numerous and comprehensive resources, programs, peer and professional support.
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Gilda Radner Familial Ovarian Cancer Registry - The GRFR collects detailed family history information from individuals who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, are from families with apparent two or more cases of ovarian cancer, or are from families with a syndrome possibly related to ovarian cancer. The Registry is the only research resource in the United States that has continuously recorded and tracked familial ovarian cancer lineage and has established itself as a valuable resource for a variety of research endeavors. 

High Risk Ovarian Cancer Screening Clinic
– Located at Roswell Park Cancer Institute women concerned about their risk of ovarian cancer can take advantage of the High Risk Ovarian Cancer Clinic at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The disease is difficult to detect, with only about 10% of ovarian cancers found in the early stages. Roswell Park’s High Risk Clinic, under the direction of Dr. Nefertiti duPont, is set up to help women with known risk factors be proactive in catching the disease early.

Look Good Feel Better - Look Good…Feel Better is available free of charge in every state, holds group workshops that teach beauty techniques to female cancer patients to help them combat the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment. Group programs are step-by-step makeover learning sessions led by cosmetology professionals using products donated by the cosmetic industry. Each two-hour, hands-on workshop includes a 12-step skin care and makeup lesson, nail care techniques, and professional advice on how to deal with hair loss using wigs, scarves, hats, hairpieces, and other accessories. Since 1989, Look Good…Feel Better has served more than 800,000 women in the United States and is supported by more than 15,000 volunteers. 1-800-395-LOOK.

Mary’s Wig & Fitting Room – Free of charge to women undergoing cancer treatment.. Mary’s Wig Room is located in the American Cancer Society in Amherst. An appointment is necessary, please call 800-227-2345 between the hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm

Ovarian Cancer National Alliance -The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance is the foremost advocate for women with ovarian cancer in the United States. To advance the interests of women with ovarian cancer, the Alliance advocates at a national level for increases in research funding for the development of an early detection test, improved health care practices, and life-saving treatment protocols. The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance educates health care professionals and raises public awareness of the risks, signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Ovarian Cancer Research Fund - OCRF is the largest independent organization in the United States dedicated exclusively to funding ovarian cancer research-- and to finding a cure.  Through our three active research programs, we fund the best researchers and the most innovative projects. Since 1998, OCRF has awarded 62 leading medical centers 164 grants for ovarian cancer research: an investment totaling nearly $40 million. 

Roswell Park Cancer Institute - (RPCI) was America's first cancer center founded in 1898 by Dr. Roswell Park. RPCI is among the first and only upstate New York facility to hold the National Cancer Institute designation of "comprehensive cancer center" and to serve as a member of the prestigious National Comprehensive Cancer Network. The Gynecologic Center at Roswell Park is staffed by a team of specialists with expertise in the care and treatment of all cancers of the reproductive system from diagnosis through follow-up.  

SHARE – Ovarian Cancer Hotline where a the volunteer who answers your call is a woman who has had ovarian cancer. Some have had early stage cancer, others have recurrent ovarian cancer. You can be matched with a volunteer whose cancer experience is similar to what you're going through. We can help you deal with the shock of your diagnosis, think through your choices, and find hope. All calls are confidential. Call toll free 866-537-4273 or request a call online. 

Sharsheret -Sharsheret leads the national Jewish response to breast cancer and ovarian cancer by working with community liaisons and Jewish and cancer organizations across the country, to create and enhance culturally-relevant local cancer programs, support services, resources, and events.

Support & Networking
Networking and Support Groups can help women with Ovarian Cancer cope better with their illness, by providing knowledge of treatment and side-effects, and emotional support from others with the same diagnosis. Read more...
Symptoms & Risks

One in 70 women in the United States is diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, knowing the symptoms and your personal risk factors can help you save your life! Read more...